It's time to take control of your art career and annihilate the stigma of the "starving artist"!

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Menji Media _Stephanie Menji
Hi, I'm Stephanie Menji!
I help fine artists become truly confident and successful creatives with my personalized art-business mentoring.
How many of you had no idea what to do with your art degree and had to settle by getting a job in another field to pay the bills? (Yup, I've been there too!)

Most artists can agree that their dream is to make art all day while making a living from it. But how are you supposed to make money from your craft if you were never taught how to make money from it in the first place?

It's my mission to help fine artists and creatives build confidence in promoting their work, sharing their stories, and teaching them the business and marketing skills they need to start a successful art career.

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Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. 

Turn Your Dream Into an Action Plan
Whether you’ve attended art school or are self-taught, representing yourself is difficult. Especially without any knowledge of business and marketing. This leads to a career full of confusion, mistakes, and frustrations. But it doesn't have to be this way...

To succeed in business and your craft you need a clear road map that will lead you to success. The Art Business Accelerator is designed to do just that - it's divided into 5 pillars that will teach you how to balance business and creativity while being confident about your work.
1. Mindset & Confidence Building - Identity, Purpose, Goals, Beliefs, Vision

2. Building Your New Art Brand - Marketing, Branding, Strategy, Audience, Presentation

3. Relationship Building & Customers - Building A Tribe, Outreach, Engaging Customers

4. Business and Finance Bootcamp - Personal Finance, Business Planning, Budgeting

5. Scaling Your Art Business - Building a Team, Negotiating, Planning for the Future

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