The Art Business Accelerator
Goal of the Course
The goal of the Art Business Accelerator is to give artists the confidence they need to start a successful business from their art and creativity. Whether you’ve attended art school or are self-taught, many artists are not exposed to business concepts and are conditioned to think that being a “starving artist” is the norm. This 12-week program disrupts these ideas and shows you that being business minded doesn’t have to be difficult. Through guided lesson plans, one-to-one live coaching, and a community of like-minded artists you will have the support system you need to succeed. If you commit to the program and do the work, at the end you will have the beginning of a business where you represent your own art and make money from your creativity.
Sounds like something your life is missing? Don't hesitate and apply now!
Course Breakdown
Module 1 - Mindset & Confidence Building
The key to being successful in anything begins with the right mindset. As artist and creatives sometimes it’s easy to encounter creative blocks, compare yourself to others, feel unconfident about your work and simply feel lost. During the first lesson of the course, you’ll learn to find clarity in your abilities, gain confidence, discover new things about yourself, and craft the person you want to become to build the artist lifestyle that you always wanted.

What we'll cover:
▧ Paradigm Shift - Annihilating the "starving artist" in you to thinking like an artprenuer 
▧ Discovering your personality and inner drive
▧ Finding your creative voice 
▧ Crafting your ideal self and setting your goals

Module 2 - Building A Personal Brand
With technology and social media moving faster than ever, self-promotion is a the tip of our fingers. The problem is standing out among the sea of people who are competing to promote their work just like you. During this module you'll relieve the stress from competition and you will learn how to build an audience based on the people that you want interested in your work. From there, we're going to develop your personal brand based on your experiences, personality, and style of work. I will also help you craft a strategy that will promote you as an artist to the fullest while building a tribe that will admire your future projects.

What we'll cover:
▧ A crash course on marketing & branding
▧ Visualizing your ideal audience
▧ Development of brand image and brand voice
▧ Basics of presentation and photography for social media
▧ Building a social media strategy + automatization
▧ Building an email list and keeping your audience engaged

Module 3 - Artistic Development
This module is an intensive dive into developing your work and aesthetic. During this time you will complete 10-15 new pieces based on the themes you’ve chosen and the people you want to attract. You will be challenged to experiment with new mediums and styles based on the goals you established in module 1. We'll work together to find the best fit for your artistic style and we'll discuss the potential of your work being on products. This will be a fun ride that's all about creative discovery while putting into action everything you learned about building your brand.

What we'll cover:
▧ Complete 10-15 new works
▧ Defining your art style 
▧ Converting the traditional artist bio into your personal story
▧ Choosing your track - luxury or commercial
▧ Building a simplified portfolio with a purpose

Module 4 - Business & Finance Bootcamp
This module is all about tracking and learning the magic of numbers. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of! Here you’ll learn how to break down your expenses and set goals for the amount of money you would like to make from your work. In addition, we’ll discuss the art of pricing, how to talk about your work, art licensing, e-commerce, and making an action plan for your new art business.  

What we'll cover:
▧ Personal finances & budgeting
▧ Understanding Credit
▧ Basics of accounting 
▧ Pricing and art product positioning
▧ How art licensing works and landing partnerships
▧ Understanding E-commerce
▧ Building an art business plan
Module 5 - The Power of Sales
When it comes to having a successful business, sales and customers are everything! During this last module everything you’ve learned up to this point comes together. During these last weeks you will learn about sales funnels that will lead your audience to buy your work, how to use social media ads to gain more sales, and how negotiate partnerships with companies you want to work with. You will also build your business website, form your new company, and last but not least GO LIVE!

What we'll cover:
▧ Customer Service in the internet age
▧ The magic of sales funnels
▧ Basics of social media and sales copywriting
▧ The art of negotiating
▧ Building your business website
▧ Receiving payments through vendor accounts
▧ How to file an LLC
▧ How to launch your business
The Final Check-In
Once you’ve completed the program we’ll have two check-in calls one month after your business has gone live to discuss your progress and to help you with any challenges you might be facing. Three months after we’ll have our final check-in call to discuss your successes, thoughts, and plans for the future. 

"I want you to know that I believe in you! You just have to decide to do it. 
The journey will be tough but the results will be so worth it!"
-Stephanie ♥ 
What makes the Art Business Accelerator different?
◰ A Memorable Mentorship
Starting something new and going against the norm is difficult. But you don't have to worry because Stephanie is here to support you throughout this new journey. Share your work, your struggles, success and know that you will always have someone here for you! Stephanie is fully accessible and the community is ready to support you.
◱ Live Interaction
Get all your questions answered with LIVE video coaching calls! With every module that you complete you'll have 2 coaching calls to discuss the lessons in detail. Stephanie will not only clarify any concerns but she will also provide you with a wealth of information and suggestions regarding each topic.
◳ Personalized Feedback & Flexibility
Although the course covers many universal topics every artist learns at a different pace. Stephanie understands this and knows that sometimes life gets in the way. Therefore, she's happy to work with your schedule. Rest assured that she will help you get the best results with her unbiased feedback and lengthy experience in the art industry and marketing.
◲ 100% Money Back Guarantee
Invest in your future without worries and absolutely risk free! The course has a 30 day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.  Simply give me your feedback about the course work and I’ll happily refund your money if you’re not happy with the content and my coaching.